Zolani Youth Choir

The Zolani Youth Choir comes from a small town called Ashton, in the community called Zolani (Western Cape). When Odwa Mvunge return to his birth community in 2012, after completing his music education studies at Nelson Mandela University, not much had changed.

There still was no place in Zolani for the youth to express themselves in cultural activities that was not offered at school nor in the community. After school the youth would loiter around without direction. This lead to the formation of the Zolani Youth choir. The basic idea and purpose of the Choir is to equip youth of our community with basic music skills.

The Choir consists of 25 pupils from different schools who are between the ages of 12 and 26 years. These scholars have no professional training or background in formal music, but have proven to have a passion and love for the art. Our first priority is for the choir to become a trademark attraction which will represent Ashton far beyond the region’s borders. The main objective of the Choir is to demonstrate to scholars and the community at large that if you place your heart, dedication and energy into something, anything can be achieved. The conductor tries to implement a basic understanding of rules and group dynamics. If members fail to adhere to these, they have to deal with the consequences and in the worst case, are expelled from the Choir. Singing and engaging in a Choir teaches the students discipline and morals and helps them to look at the world from a different perspective. Our main goal for the future is to be recognized amongst the best choirs in South Africa, and eventually represent Ashton in particular and South Africa as a whole on overseas tours. The Choir project is meant to serve as an educational tool to help our kids find worth in them.

We believe in presenting: Electrifying South African sounds from an African perspective. From Hymns to freedom songs, traditional and popular music. All in one sound.


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