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This page is meant for International Choirs wishing to participate at the World Choir Games (WCG) Flanders 2020 (5 – 15 July 2020) with the intention to give one or more Friendship Concert with a Dutch Choir in The Netherlands before joining the World Games Flanders 2020. Choir Agency NL will help these choirs to realise their plans!

For example, a Students’ Choir from Hong Kong wishes to participate in the first part (5-9 July 2020) of WCG Flanders and wants to give one or more Friendship Concerts in The Netherlands together with a Dutch choir. We can offer this choir an excellent choral network in The Netherlands to realize their plans. We have a 12 years’ experience as a travel agency, so we will also look after correct transportations, transfers and stays.

Even if the Hong Kong Students’ Choir would arrive in Germany (f.e. Berlin or Düsseldorf as a first stop), if wished, we will arrange a concert with a German choir. The same would be possible in Belgium.

Use this form (without any obligation!) if you have planned to go to the World Choir Games and if you wish to perform in one or more Friendship Concerts in The Netherlands in the period before the WCG Flanders. We will answer your request within 15 days!

Boys Choirs are welcome in Oldenzaal, The Netherlands!

Boys Choirs and Young Men Choirs are heartily welcomed during the Second Festival BOYS, KEEP ON SINGING! which will take place from 25 – 27 June, 2020 in the beautiful city of Oldenzaal, close to the German border. Of course, international choirs participating in this specialised festival might also like to sing in Friendship Concerts in or outside The Netherlands.
Use this form (without any obligation!) to communicate if you would like to participate at the Festival BOYS, KEEP ON SINGING!

In the coming months, on this page we will inform you about more events like the Oldenzaal Festival as possibilities to perform in The Netherlands before going to the WCG Flanders.

If you have questions of this subject, please send an e-mail to or call +31 (0)6 2341 8276.

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